Sacred Conversations a book by Dr. Chris Reed available where ever books are sold

This captivating new book reveals how everyday interactions can lead to spiritual growth, deeper connections, and meaningful impact. 

  • What science and Scripture teach us about meaningful dialogue.
  • Strategies and tools for incorporating Sacred Conversations into your work, friendships, and family life. 
  • A step-by-step process for transformational encounters. 
  • Engaging stories and real-life examples of the true power of conversation. 
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Dr. Chris has a real gift for giving quick explanations of complex ideas in laymen's terms. 

The Real Truth, Amazon Customer

Sacred Conversations don’t require complex tools as Christopher Reed so effectively demonstrates in this book. Concrete, accessible, and engaging, you will find within these pages the motivation, inspiration, and skills most needed to navigate and enrich more of your everyday exchanges.

Diane M. Millis, author, Conversation—the Sacred Art, Deepening Engagement, and Re-Creating a Life

This work combines his expertise in behavioral science and spiritual insights in the context of conversation…it’s brilliant!


Roxanne Pals, President, 3Consulting,Inc.

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