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In March 2024 we are releasing a captivating new book that reveals how everyday interactions can lead to spiritual growth, deeper connections, and meaningful impact on the world. 

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Sacred Conversations 

How God Wants us To Communicate

Dr. Christopher Reed

Are you seeking deeper connections and more meaningful conversations? Discover the transformative power of sacred conversations with my new book published by Sophia Institute Press. This illuminating guide delves into what science and scripture tell us about human connection and communication that goes beyond words and touches the soul. 

This book and workshop marry spiritual wisdom, scientific insights, and real-life examples to help you hold conversations that inspire, heal, and transform your relationships with others and with God. 

The Seeker and The Helper by Miles Savelli-Holt

WHat you'll Learn

  • Strategies for incorporating sacred conversations into your daily life.
  •  A step-by-step process to guide your conversations whether you are seeking help, asking for grace, or facilitating discernment among groups.
  • Practical exercises to improve compassionate listening and inquiry that help you and others deepen your relationship and faith.
  • Real-world stories from Dr. Chris Reed, a human communication scientist and 20-year veteran of practicing sacred conversations in coaching and human development.

The Model

  • The sacred conversations model explains the roles of "The Seeker" and "The Helper" and outlines key questions for all those involved in your sacred conversations.
  • This five-step process starts with lovingkindness and compassion at the center.
  • Backed by science and scripture, the model will show you how to communicate as God intends. 
  • Dr. Chris provides guidance for putting the five-steps of Invitation, Intention, Inquiry, Illumination, and Integration into action. 
The Sacred Conversations Model

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3. Develop a spiritual practice around using Sacred Conversations to help others on their spiritual journey

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“Sacred Conversations is a gift for individual reflection and communal discernment. Dr. Chris offers a helpful step-by-step process."


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"Having difficult conversations with spouses and family can be challenging. This is a much-needed resource!"


- Catholic Men's Group Workshop Participant -

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