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  • Model: Download and print the Sacred Conversations model so that you can refresh your memory, practice the skills of Invitation, Intention, Inquiry, Illumination, and Integration. 
  • Conversation Guides: Unleash the grace in your conversations with these powerful conversation starters for those in need, relationships, and at work. 
  • Discussion Questions: Download and print the chapter-by-chapter study guide to start conversations with your friends, small groups, and co-workers who are reading Sacred Conversations
  • Newsletter and Blog: Receive free resources, conversation tips, and stories about best practices from our "Helper Network" who are applying Sacred Conversations in their ministries, congregations, and communities. 

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What people are saying about Sacred Conversations: How God Wants us to Communicate.

"Concrete, accessible, and engaging, you will find within these pages the motivation, inspiration, and skills most needed to navigate and enrich more of your everyday exchanges."

Diane M. Millis, author of Conversation—the Sacred ArtDeepening Engagement, and Re-Creating a Life

"Very well done--engaging, fast-paced, inviting, and insightful."

Dr. Mary Healy, Biblical scholar, speaker, and author of Healing: Bringing the Gift of God's Mercy to the World

"Sacred Conversations is a powerful tool for anyone seeking a deeper and more meaningful way of relating to Jesus Christ. A must read for individuals and small groups!" 

John Canine EDD PHD, President, Maximum Living Consultants