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The original illustrations below invite reflection, conversation, and movements of the Spirit in our Workshops. Participants regularly ask, "Where can we get these prints?" Well, these beautiful original canvas prints are now available for purchase!

50% of all proceeds from the "Art of Sacred Conversations" will be donated to support Catholic Relief Services and social and environmental justice. 

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The Seeker & the Helper


The Rules of the Road


About the artist: For the past two years, Dr. Chris Reed has partnered with Miles Savelli-Holt, a London born graphic illustrator and children's book author, on "The Art of Sacred Conversations." Miles' work explores contemporary culture and the human condition through profound contemplative and artistic means. Most recently Miles has dedicated himself to crafting stories that inspire and support children in understanding and nurturing their emotional well-being. Throughout their partnership, Miles has been traveling across Southeast Asia (Thailand, Vietnam, Kuala Lumpur, and Malaysia) volunteering, creating, praying, and teaching children English. His reflections, meditations, and life-giving creative spirit have helped us bring the concepts from Sacred Conversations to life to create an immersive, inspiring, and creative learning environment for our workshops and/or your home, office, or spaces of prayer and reflection.

Educational Articles

Sacred Conversations on Culture

A non-profit CEO, whom I’ve been working with for the past 9 years, invited me to his central team’s leadership retreat the Washington D.C. area. The meeting was held at the Bolger Center, a beautiful 83 acre space used primarily by the U.S. Postal Service for training. Incidentally, this facility was originally built in 1920 and

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A Sacred Conversation for Mom

A Sacred Conversation for MomInstead of flowers, brunch, or pedicure, why don’t you give the mother’s in your life a truly unique gift?  Mother’s Day is a great day for resting, relaxing, and curling up with a good book or having a conversation over a cup of coffee with someone about “motherhood.”  Here’s a unique gift idea

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A Prayer for Surrender

I was having a Sacred Conversation with a colleague this week, who is writing a beautiful book about how the Blessed Mother, and the Mysteries of the Rosary, have healed, consoled, and transformed her through many life struggles.  Sometimes, however, we hang onto things. We can’t surrender them. We like to hold onto them. These “attachments”

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The Seeker and The Helper by Miles Savelli-Holt milesholt.co.uk

How to Become the Beloved Disciple

What does it mean to become a beloved disciple?  John 13:23, 14:21, 19:26-27, 21:7 give us some hints to reflect on.  The beloved disciple as portrayed in these verses reflects the following characteristics: He knows Jesus Human beings cannot love someone, in the deepest sense, whom they do not know. And we  cannot offer ourselves completely to someone whom

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30 Reasons to Join a Book Club

Participating in a book club offers a range of valuable benefits, fostering personal, intellectual, spiritual, and social growth. Here are several values associated with being in a book club: Literary Exploration:Exposure to a diverse range of genres and authors.Encourages reading outside of one’s comfort zone.Expands knowledge of literature and storytelling styles.Intellectual Stimulation:Stimulates critical thinking through discussion

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Advent Reflections

Advent holds profound significance in the Catholic faith and other Christian denominations, marking the beginning of the liturgical year and a season of anticipation. Lasting four weeks before Christmas, it symbolizes the spiritual preparation for the celebration of Jesus Christ’s birth. Catholics engage in prayer, reflection, and repentance during Advent, emphasizing hope, love, joy, and

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