Sacred Conversations Learning Experiences will help you learn and  practice the art of conversation in the Spirit and presence of our Lord. 

The Problem

We live in a noisy culture. Division and discord separate our relationships, families, and communities.

Sacred Conversations workshops provide an immersive learning experience for dioceses, congregations and parishes, and faith-based organizations.

In our workshop, you will learn:

  • What science and scripture reveal about life-changing conversations.
  • A simple five step model for having Sacred Conversations at work, home, and in community. 
  • Tools, conversation guides, and resources for spreading intentional grace-filled dialogue.

Better You

Experience the power of intentional conversation

Better Us

Strengthen your relationships and community as we journey together with Jesus Christ

Better World

Build thriving communities and change the conversation in our secularized culture

Sacred Conversations Facilitator Training Available

Build a community of Sacred Conversations facilitators to support


Facilitators develop unique skills for listening to individuals and groups around challenging parish and community issues like restructuring a diocese, sharing resources among "families of parishes," and engaging in synodality


Facilitators learn to teach and use the content of Sacred Conversations to support a host of conversations among married couples, men, women, youth, and bridge differences among diverse communities


Facilitators networks support ordained and lay leaders in holding space for Sacred Conversations among diverse members of the community, discerning leadership decisions, and implementing change

Ready to Change Your Conversations?

Learn the skills for transforming difficult dialogue into Sacred Conversation.