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Hi, I'm

Christopher Reed

I'm a Catholic Christian, a husband, a guitar player, and a Sacred Conversation practitioner. I was initiated into the Catholic faith during Easter Vigil in 2019, and my formation through spiritual direction, prayer, ministry, and theological training at Sacred Heart Major Seminary continues to bring my professional life and spiritual life into deeper relationship.

The Holy Spirit has led me to the work of Sacred Conversations, but this practice has been unfolding for last 20+ year. I began studying human communication in 1998 at Western Michigan University, where I also completed a masters degree in interpersonal communication. I was blessed to receive teaching and research assistantships to pursue a doctorate degree in human and cultural communication studies at the University of Georgia. Throughout my graduate education, I began building a practice in intentional conversation through the study of human dialogue and through application in mentoring conversations.

In 2008 I completed my doctorate degree and gained postdoctoral experience as a consultant in the University of Michigan's Center for Research on Learning and Teaching. This experience helped me develop tools and methods for various kinds of consulting conversations. Over the next decade, I developed my conversational practice around process consultation and dialogue drawing on the good work of dialogue pioneers like Peter Senge, David Bohm, Chris Argryis, Martin Buber, and Carl Rogers. The tools and methods that I developed were tested and refined with non-profit, higher education, and faith-based organizations around the world in the areas of performance coaching, organizational change, and culture development. 

In 2018, after five years as a Senior Practice Consultant with the Gallup Organization, I published my first book, Future-Ready Leadership: Strategies for the Fourth Industrial RevolutionThis book presents some of my best thinking from the first 15 years or so of practicing intentional conversation in service of preparing individuals, leaders, and society for the coming promise and pitfalls of emerging technologies like AI and robotics--which are now here. I still don't think we've sufficiently thought through the implications and considerations of what these technologies will mean for society. In short, we're not "future-ready" and we need more intentional conversation around these man-made tools.

In 2021 the Lord spoke to my heart, saying, "Follow me in peace." I studied, I prayed. I slayed my own dragons of self-importance and stubborn free will. So, it took a few years, but He finally revealed what work he wanted me to do. By faith and grace, I wrote Sacred Conversations: How God Wants us to Communicate in 21 days--completed on the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe in 2023. This model and method of intentional conversation is useful for anyone--Christian or not--who is seeking deeper connection, understanding, and/or faith in the Spirit of God in helping to bring about their best self, relationships, and world.

As a first-time Catholic author, I put publication in the Lord's hands, trusting that His will--not mine--would be done. The book was picked up by Sophia Institute Press, the exclusive publisher for EWTN (a global media company), and it published with minimal revisions a year later. Thanks be to God!

Now Our Sacred Conversations ministry is not only helping leaders, but everyone struggling to connect on a deeper level--across age, cultural, religious, and political divisions--because of the fast pace of modern life, technology, and declines in TRUE social connectivity. Through my books, speaking, writing, and workshops, I am committed to teaching others about the transformative grace of Sacred Conversations. If you are interested in learning a more intentional way of communicating--one that leverages timeless spiritual wisdom, Scripture, and 25 years of research on human communication processes, I invite you to start a conversation with me. And I hope you enjoy many graces that are written about in my new book, Sacred Conversations: How God Wants us to Communicate.

In service, 

Christopher Reed, phd

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