A Sacred Conversation for Mom

Instead of flowers, brunch, or pedicure, why don't you give the mother's in your life a truly unique gift? 

Mother's Day is a great day for resting, relaxing, and curling up with a good book or having a conversation over a cup of coffee with someone about "motherhood." 

Here's a unique gift idea for celebrating mothers, mothering, and/or our experiences with our own mothers.

Step 1--Buy the Book: Share a copy of Sacred Conversations: How God Wants us  to Communicate with whomever you'd like to discuss the topic of motherhood. This could be your wife, sister, your own mother, your mother-in-law, a grandparent, a new mother, an expecting mother, or someone who's lonely because, perhaps, they lost their mother recently or do not have children of their own. 

Step 2--Use the Model: Send that person a note and say, "Keep an eye out for your Mother's Day present," and that you want to discuss it. Invitation is the first step in putting the Sacred Conversations Model into practice to improve your relationships and invite the love of God into your conversations. 

Step 3--Have a Conversation: Before you meet to discuss "motherhood" or the book, or to just drink mimosas, try to think of an Intention for this conversation. Do you want to learn more about their experiences? Help them through a challenging time that they may be going through this Mother's Day? Share some funny stories? Deepen your relationship by getting to know them better? Forgive them or ask for forgiveness? 

If you're having troubling coming up with a topic to have a conversation about, here are "15 Questions to Ask Your Mom This Mother's Day" from Somer Loomis to get your conversational creativity flowing.

  1. Did you always expect to have a family when you were growing up?
  2. What was your relationship with your parents like? How has it changed?
  3. What was something you liked about the way you were raised that you wanted to do for your children?
  4. Was there anything you promised yourself you wouldn’t do?
  5. When did you know (if ever) you were ready to be a mom?
  6. What was it like to be a stay-at-home mom (or working mother) when you were raising me/us?
  7. (If a father was present): Did you and Dad ever talk about what kind of parents you wanted to be?
  8. What did you and Dad disagree about in raising me/us?
  9. What was your relationship like with your grandmother?
  10. Did you always (ever?!) get along with your mother-in-law?
  11. What surprised you in your first year of motherhood?
  12. (If she had more than one child): What was different in your expectations of having another baby?
  13. Were you excited to become a grandma?
  14. If you could do it all over again, what would you do differently?
  15. Would you like some more wine? 

Motherhood isn't easy. But we've all had one in one way or another--so we've got that much to be grateful for! Celebrate mothers and those who are motherly in spirit this Mother's day with the gift of your time and a Sacred Conversation about motherhood. 

About the author 

Christopher Reed, Ph.D.

Author of "Sacred Conversations: How God Wants us to Communicate."

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