In Luke 8:16-18, Jesus uses the metaphor of a lamp to convey a spiritual lesson to the crowd. He emphasizes that just as no one lights a lamp and then hides it, but rather places it on a lampstand to illuminate the room, people should not conceal the light of truth and goodness within them. Jesus suggests that everything hidden or secret will eventually be revealed and known.

Jesus then urges the crowd to be attentive to how they hear and receive his teachings. Those who are receptive and open to the message will receive more understanding and knowledge, while those who resist or ignore it will lose even the little understanding they think they have. In essence, Jesus encourages openness, trust, and receptivity to spiritual truths


1. What is the 'light' for you? What is life-giving? 

2. Jesus asks us to take care how we hear--to notice what we notice. Are you really listening to others? To God? 


I ask for God's friendship and companionship, to help me listen more deeply. 

I ask for the patience to listen more deeply to others.

I ask for radical openness, among all who I encounter today, to the light of truth and goodness. 

About the author 

Christopher Reed, Ph.D.

Author of "Sacred Conversations: How God Wants us to Communicate."

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