Luke 17 The Wisdom of unity

In the Gospel of Luke (11:17), a profound teaching from Jesus echoes through the ages: "Every kingdom divided against itself will be laid waste, and house will fall against house." This ancient wisdom remains astonishingly relevant today, offering valuable insights into the consequences of division and strife.

Unity Strengthens, Division Weakens:
Jesus' message reminds us that division, whether in a kingdom, a family, or a community, is a destructive force. When people within a group are at odds with each other, their collective strength diminishes, and the very foundation upon which their unity stands weakens. It's a universal truth that transcends time and culture.

Historical and Modern Parallels:
Throughout history, we've seen examples of kingdoms and nations torn apart by internal strife. Civil wars and revolutions have wreaked havoc on societies, resulting in suffering, loss, and instability. In the modern world, this wisdom remains applicable, as nations grappling with internal conflicts and divisions often experience tremendous challenges.Today we pray for all those suffering loss from division in the Holy Land.

Families and Communities:
The teaching is not limited to kingdoms or nations; it applies equally to smaller groups. Families torn by internal strife suffer emotional and relational damage. Similarly, communities divided by discord find it challenging to progress collectively toward common goals.

Seeking Unity:
Jesus' message encourages us to seek unity, cooperation, and understanding. It highlights the importance of resolving conflicts through peaceful means, fostering an atmosphere of mutual respect and empathy. When people work together harmoniously, they can achieve great feats and withstand adversities.

The timeless wisdom of Luke 11:17 serves as a reminder of the perils of division and the strength of unity. It calls upon us to mend our differences, promote peace, and strive for the common good. In a world often marked by discord, these words from the Gospel offer a path toward a more harmonious and prosperous future. 

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Christopher Reed, Ph.D.

Author of "Sacred Conversations: How God Wants us to Communicate."

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